Our Credit Score Specialist

Meet Brian Chamberlain, our Credit Score Specialist! He has been solving credit problems since 1997, 2 years before the Fair Credit Reporting Act in 1999, and 10 years before CreditKarma came along.


Brian teaches on credit and credit scoring fulltime, as of June 2003. His expertise has been sought by members of the media since 2008, including having his own on-and-off radio show. Some more personal achievements include teaching a Financial and Credit Literacy Class for the Tennessee Department of Correction Non-Violent Drug Offender Program at the Day Reporting Center in Knoxville (TN), and volunteering for two foster organizations and I teach in men’s and women’s drug and alcohol rehabs throughout East Tennessee.

To say I enjoy teaching credit and helping real people solve real problems is an understatement. I love helping people with their credit today as much as I did back in 1997. If you are getting credit advice from someone who hasn’t been teaching credit for the last 25 years, be careful. I have heard some really dangerous advice being dispensed by people who should know better.

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